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    St. Agnes Health

    Your Optimal Health is Our Priority

    Our Core Values

    At the core of St. Agnes Health, we hold  three primary values: the integrity to always do what is best for the patient. Educate; an informed patient is more likely to take an active role in their health and more likely to have a higher quality of life. Last but not least is health. Everything we do serves the purpose of fostering an environment for optimal living. We are committed to learning, growing and providing the most effective and uncompromised services possible. 


    Hippocrates wrote the original Hippocratic Oath. He considered ethical behavior the foremost characteristic of a physician. Our highest priority is the well-being of every patient and client.

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    It is only when we have access to the truth that we can make an informed decision. We strive to distribute informative health material to as wide an audience as possible.


    Health is more than the absence of disease. Under the right circumstances humans can be mentally acute and physically active into their 100's. We are dedicated to providing accurate and complete information about every aspect of  a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Visit our blog for articles and videos.

    Optimal Health

    Optimal health can be achieved at almost any age. Growing in a positive direction is a lifelong pursuit. Everything we do is a relationship with the thing we are doing and that is a reflection of ourselves. All aspects of our lives interact, intertwine and overlap to make a complex individual. No one aspect develops independently and all aspects effect each other.

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    Perspective: The relationship we have with ourselves 

    Our thoughts are powerful. They help direct our lives. Purpose, optimism, enjoyment and self-care are some of the ways we can positively influence our perspective.


    Nutrition: What we feed our bodies

    Actual research is clear, eating whole foods, not overeating, drinking water with an occasional glass of wine is the recurring similarity of those who live long, health lives.

    Connections: The relationship we have with others

    Just as food nourishes our bodies, our relationships also provide us with nourishment. Taking the time to build deep and meaningful connections has profound benefits.   

    Fitness: How we move our bodies 

    Taking care of our bodies is more than what we eat. Movement at all ages is important and connecting with nature improves health on multiple levels. 

    Environmental Impact

    For the first time in the existence of our planet, modern society has placed overwhelming pressures on the environment. We will take a deep dive into all questionable activities, products and ingredients alike. 

    Featured Posts

    New post are featured at the top of our blog page. We rotate through the various categories but are always open to relevant topics and current events. Take a look!

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    Our Legacy

    Your Optimal Health is our Priority

    At a convention in 1895, Mrs. Sarah Hunter, spoke of the necessity of creating a hospital for black people. Mr. I. L. Collins  was moved by her words and become the first donor. The hospital was named after his late wife, Agnes. Saint Agnes Hospital officially opened its doors in October 1896.” In 1905 one of several renovations was supervised by Vice-Principal Reverend Henry Beard Delany: NC’s first Black Episcopal Bishop. Known as "the Healing Place", for almost half a century it would function as the only hospital and medical training school for Black doctors and nurses in the Southeast.

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    St. Agnes Hospital Nurses & Doctors

    In 1942 Saint Augustine’s University gave the institution over to an independent St. Agnes board in hopes of soliciting government funding but soon after, the Raleigh City Council announced a new ruling that public money could not be given to private institutions. The Board kept the hospital going until desegregation in 1961 which allowed for Black patients and medical staff to move to the Wake Medical Center.

    It is estimated that over 500 nurses were trained at Saint Agnes Hospital. During the 26 years of their intern program, 80 physicians were trained. Doctors at Saint Agnes were considered to be some of the most skilled physicians in the city, including Dr. Lawson Andrew Scruggs. The school’s first Black physician and Leonard Medical School valedictorian. It was approved for Historic Landmark status in 1979. It serves as an educational resource and a source of inspiration. (abridged and altered). Full article:

    Celebrating Our History

    In memorial to the legacy of perseverance, exemplary fortitude, the commitment to community and education, St. Agnes Health is proud to walk in the steps of those that came before us. St. Agnes Health is a safe and inclusive environment.

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    D. Rein

    As a child, I dreamed of being a doctor. As I grew, I had other interests but always came back to medicine. By my teens I was working out and learning about nutrition. In undergrad I decided against medical school because I understood that prescribing drugs to feel better isn’t the same as actually being better. I strongly considered finishing my bachelors in nutrition but once again found the curriculum based on illness and not health.

    I moved to New York City to study and complete a MS in Chinese Medicine. I would need to work. What started out as a financial decision turned into an Associates in Massage Therapy that kept me in the health field and offered invaluable hands-on experience. Right before graduating, the time had come and now doctorate degrees in Chinese Medicine not only were available but was starting to be the benchmark. I was so excited! I could hold a doctorate in health care and be true to myself. As a result, I gave up the idea of a degree in nutrition.

    Then COVID happened. It had a profound effect on my life; as I'm sure it did yours. COVID was the catalyst for me realizing that in order to have a better outcome, health education needs improving. With the constant barrage of information, nothing was geared towards self-empowerment. The media’s message consisted of pre-existing conditions and risk factors. Nothing on how to support and strengthen a healthy immune system. I want to focus on improving health; not managing illness and especially not through fear. That doesn’t mean looking through rose-colored glasses but tangible, scientific facts that nurture the person where they are and moves toward where they want to be. There is a great deal of marketing based on misinformation. My goal is to provide accurate, unbiased and thorough information on as many topics as possible to assist any person that wants to live a healthier life.    I strongly considered an MS in Nutrition to expand my private practice but that won't create an optimal life for me. At the end of my lease (March/April 2024) I will close my practice and focus on creating a blog on this site as well as posting videos on facebook, youtube, instagram and tiktok.


    See you there!  

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