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St. Agnes Health

Welcome to

Thank you to every patient and

client that crossed our doors!

 Our new focus is on creating a blog

and videos to assist each person in

realizing their Best and Optimal Life.

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We are devoted to composing a health education blog covering every aspect wellness to assist you in creating your best life. We do this with scientific detail that is written in plain English.

Optimal Health is in Everything We Do

We use only clean products. From the oils put on your skin and laundry detergent to cleaning agents. Everything is plant and mineral based, no harsh chemicals, no synthetic ingredients, no fragrances and no GMO’s. Always ethical and cruelty free. A minimum of 95% of product containers and packaging are reused or recycled.

Our Misson

Our Mission

Your Optimal Health is Our Priority

At St. Agnes Health, our mission is to assist each patient in reaching optimal health. This is the best prescription to prevent illness. When there is already illness, our goal is to cure it; not just treat it. When the illness is not curable, our goal is to minimize its effect. Disease and health can not co-exist; when one is optimized, the other is minimized. 

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LGBT+ friendly

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Have Questions?

Contact us! If you have questions about anything on the website we are more than willing to clarify or provide additional information.

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